Metin Dış Ticaret, established in 2000, gained the name of Metin Kargo in 2013 and reached a
leading position in its field with our sectoral experience and growing customer portfolio. In this
journey that we started with high quality and reliable service approach, while bearing in mind our
basic principles constantly, we have a growing structure with the support of our customers.
We have formed the foundations of our vision and mission with our indispensable values such as
trust, honesty, transparency and reasonable price policy. We reach every point you want to reach
with our Sea Transportation, Air Transportation and Road Transportation services, and we trust our
sectoral experience at every moment we act with a high sense of responsibility.


Since 2013, we have been committed to the principle of quality service, we take mutual trust with us
wherever we go. Our reasonable price policy and the trust of our customers constitute our basic
principles. Being able to fully meet the expectations of our customers with our expert staff and a
professional team is one of the main factors that brought us to today and that will undoubtedly lead
to the future. We strengthen our sectoral experience with our professional structure and we are
becoming a transparent and reliable solution partner. As a team with a high level of responsibility
awareness, we prioritize customer satisfaction thanks to our speed and corporate solutions that take
logistics service to the next level. With our structure growing day by day and experience we brought
to each and every point we go, we are proud of adding new customers to our family.


As Metin Kargo, we are aware of the values and responsibilities we carry. We know that every step
we take from this approach will grow and shape the future of the sector and we aim to offer
innovative approaches in the field of transportation. Thanks to our visionary perspective that shapes
the future of the sector, we take the values we carry to each point we go and we always bear in mind
your trust. Every day we progress towards becoming one of the most preferred leading companies
on a global scale, we do not compromise our values and responsibilities. We combine today’s
experience with tomorrow’s innovation and pursue what is more efficient and faster. We shape the
sector in line with the ideas we want to bring to corporate transport field.